Theta & Sound Healing

Guided Meditation

 Makila has studied intensively to uncover his innate gift of grace in guiding consciousness towards its highest expression.

 Theta Healing has become the core of a powerful healing practice. For a half a decade now Makila has been helping to transform numerous peoples lives for the better on every level.

Makila Wind Theta Healer

A New Frontier in Wellness

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Achieve Your Power

Celebrate your life and feel your full potential coming alive. Makila is committed to the growth of this planet and devoted to his clients.

With the tools of Theta Healing, Trauma Release Techniques, & Profound Meditative states its possible to rise out of addiction, depression, regret, abandonment, loss, rejection, resentment, fear, sadness & suffering. 

Looking Deeper

Private sessions can consist of many different currents, outcomes and directions. Usually they begin with a description from the client explaining what they are working with and what they may hope to achieve in the session or work. This can be physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual.


Next makila Opens The Psychic Centers of the Client

Clearing Grounding Connecting and Aligning ones field is crucial in insuring the best chances for success in a session.

This step is quick easy and tends to feel great.

Diving Deeper

From here the work really begins. You can decide in which direction you want your healing journey to go in. For starters Theta healing works with a few primary building blocks.

Before each step Makila will ask your permission to do the next step and will heed all yes's and No's as respect and consent is the force of honor that feeds the good in the world.

Theta Healing is based around meditating to bring ones own brain waves into a Theta State and Speed. This is a space where all things can become aware, relaxed but active and awake. Truly a space of Quantum Healing.

Makila will guild you through a meditation including world class sound healing that will connect you to the Great Spirit Mother Father Energy that Loves you and all Life purely and wholly.

The first thing to know is that we can change anything with the power of the creator of all things as long as this power of the great spirit is in resonance and truth with this occurrence really being in the highest and best benefit of all things and beings on every level and in every cell.

 Through a small amount of dialogue Makila starts to access where the biggest blockages may be stopping the clients ability to move further with their goals. He does this by examining body language, word choices, and by asking very strategic questions that aim to bring the client into viewing their inner workings, belief systems and emotions. 

This helps to locate an inner environment in which the work can be done.

Muscle testing is then used to have direct communication with the clients body talk rather than just the mind which gets easily confused with how the client actually feels. 


Makila will then direct the session where it needs to go.

 Makila is a specialist in Releasing old Paradigms and Belief Systems, Eradicating Energy Parasites, Past Life Regression, Energy Body Clearing and Viewing, Archetypal Astrological Tarot and Energy Readings, Trauma Release, Body Work, Ancestor Connections and Healings, Nature Re-wilding, Heart Song Activations to Release the Grief and Weight of the WORLD from ones own body, Sound Healing, Angelic Guardian Communications, Higher Self Readings, Energy Working Trainings, Retreat Leader, Workshop Leader, Mentor, Boy to Man Initiator, Public Speaking, Instrumentalist, Experience Facilitator and Documentary Creator.

If any of this sounds a little woo woo we get it, but it's not. It is actually often when we activate our power and work with specialists that we can achieve the greatest healings which then make all of life better.

Most of the work Makila has done to train for this is Underground, Esoteric Mystery School Type Trainings. 

However Theta Healing is Very easy to research as there is a Large World Wide Network on the Subject. 

Makila Has Taken Several Levels of Theta Healing Trainings for numerous years repeating classes over and over before starting his own practice. After dozens of clients and many years of deep work Makila now offers something that is beyond the scope of many traditional Theta healers.

Blessings to you all thank you for reading and please stay in touch via that chat below and also through direct message at


Remember sometime after a healing things feel more intense for a little while. This is because your life is reorganizing into a higher form.

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 To Summarize more about this type of Healing work offered here. 

 Makila is a highly trained healing with an active practice that includes many modalities that can be all combined in powerful ways or experienced in there purity.  

 Makila Wind offers Personal and Group Sessions & Ceremonies as well as Classes & Courses on all these subjects.

~Comprehensive and skilled Theta Healing. ~

~ In depth Emotional and Energetic Support, mental patterning re-programming techniques. ~

 ~ Relaxing Meditations, Sound Healing, Body Work and Energetic Healing, Clearing and Re-Organizing.~ 

~ Guided flow states & Yoga, Movement Practices, Nature Re-Wilding and Connection. ~

 Trauma Healing 

 Life Guidance

 Past Life Regression Experiences

 Ancestor Guidance, Clearings and Communication.

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